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aBItac was founded in Feb 2012


aBItac was founded in 2012 to provide a high quality and relevant BI training and consultancy service. Building upon his experience in the industry, Alan set out to provide, value-for-money cost effective training services without the complications that often come when dealing with larger organisations.


In the years since, the company has gone from strength to strength. A number of training courses and bespoke training packages have been developed to meet client needs, using the latest technology in what is a fast paced market. Alan is comfortable with using a wide range of BI tools and development of people in the use of those tools, including; IBM Cognos, Jaspersoft and Business Objects.

Bespoke BI Training solutions and generic courses through IBM partners are on offer, also as Alan is an approved IBM Cognos Trainer he has delivered a number of standard IBM Cognos Courses.

Remote training is becoming more and more popular as the technology services allow this cost effective medium to be effectively used. aBItac has recently invested in facilities to offer remote delivery and post mentoring support on an adhoc basis, this allows delegates to develop core generic skills and the opportunity to maximise their potential against their own live data with post-mentoring opportunities.

Our People

Alan Cartner

Having worked in Business Intelligence Industry for over 20 years, Alan has a vast wealth of experience to offer. Prior to founding aBItac, Alan worked in a consultancy role, acting as the Cognos Team Lead in multi-million pound data warehousing solutions. Drawing on his technical background, he has developed and delivered courses to cover real-life and client specific course goals.


Several technical courses in remote destinations have been delivered, from Bangladesh to Phoenix, Arizona as well as into the realms of distance learning and virtual classrooms. Over the last year experience has been obtained working with IBM Cognos Analytics and he now has new courses developed against this product. Over the last 5 years further skills have been gained using other BI tools such as, Jaspersoft and Business Objects. Bespoke training is now available for Jaspersoft and BO tools.

Alan has worked closely with the IBM partner "aramar" for several years and the joint offering of IBM Cognos courses via cloud technology is now available. 

Our Services

aBItac can offer both generic and bespoke training solutions utilising several IBM Cognos Business Analytics tools, Jaspersoft (adhoc and Studio) and Business Objects authoring tools. In addition to meeting your training needs, analysis can be provided to assist your Business obtain the maximum benefit from your existing BI toolset. Adhoc mentoring/consultancy services are also available, where post training course advice and solutions are available. This service can be delivered remotely on an adhoc basis, to be agreed between the customer and aBItac.

Generic Training is currently available for:

IBM Cognos v10 and Cognos Analytics (v11)
IBM Cognos Report Studio (v10) and Reporting (v11) (both relational and dimensional authoring)
IBM Query Studio (v10)
IBM Analysis Studio (v10)
IBM Cognos Workspace (v10)
Business Objects - Authoring (BO v4.2)


Bespoke Training can be tailored to your needs, including:

Any of the above IBM Cognos courses
Framework Manager
Jaspersoft adhoc reports
Jaspersoft Studio reports
Business Objects Authoring


The cloud technology now on offer allows courses to be run on-site or directly from any training venue which has reasonable internet speed. The cloud technology also allows remote training delivery from which cost savings are achieved as neither the delegate nor the trainer need to commute or find accomodation in remote locations.


Adhoc support/consultancy and assistance can be arranged to meet your immediate requirements. Within aBItac's extensive involvement with the Cognos implementation process, a comprehensive contact list of experienced consultants is available. If we are unable to assist directly with your enquiry, we have partnered with a number of other independent practitioners with their own bespoke skillsets. We are confident that, whatever your needs, we or our partners will be able to help meet your BI goals.

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